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 Anything Gaming Rules

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PostSubject: Anything Gaming Rules   Anything Gaming Rules EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 2:48 pm

Please take the time to read these rules and follow as best as you can.

1. No posting of any images or links that are pornographic in nature.
2. Don't be rude, respect fellow gamers from any location or background. To include flaming and trolling.
3. Try not to multi-post. Use the edit feature.
4. Don't bump topics within 24 hours of your last post.
5. Stay on topic, if the topic seems to be going off course, open a new one that is closer to what is actually being talked about.

Remember to have fun and that I, the administrator, and any moderator I chose have the right to lock, delete, and move topics as we see fit.
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Anything Gaming Rules
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